At IRLH, we understand that a home should be more than just a place to live in. It should be a space that is accessible, comfortable, and safe for everyone. That’s why we are committed to promoting and implementing Liveable Housing Guideline Solutions in all our electrical and renovation services.

LHA Approved Homes

Our granny flats are designed and built to comply with the guidelines set by Liveable Housing Australia (LHA). This includes features such as easy access to important areas, adaptable bathrooms and bedrooms, and clear paths for mobility such as wide doorways and hallways.

We also ensure that all electrical fixtures and appliances meet LHA standards for safety and usability, for example easy to use switches and controls. We also offer customisable options to further cater to the needs of those living in our granny flats. This includes features such as accessible kitchen and bathroom layouts, and adjustable height benches. Our commitment to LHA guidelines allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing their loved ones will have a safe and comfortable living space.

2 Bedroom Granny Flats

Our 2 Bedroom Granny Flat designs include a fully equipped kitchenette, shared space with a laundry area, an open living and dining area, and two bedrooms with an outdoor patio. These flats are designed with accessibility in mind, offering features such as ramps and handles for easy navigation. The layout allows for comfortable living for elderly individuals, while also providing the convenience of a separate living space on the same property as their loved ones, offering privacy and independence.

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