About Us

IRLH Group, we specialize in all aspects of residential construction. With over 28 years of experience in the industry, our team can handle everything from insurance repairs to building assessments and renovations. We are also proud to have had the opportunity to work with local disability organisations, creating accessible and liveable homes for families in need. Trust us for all of your construction needs.


Who We Are?

 Johnathan Pritchard is a seasoned professional in the residential construction industry with over 28 years of experience. Starting as an apprentice carpenter and progressing to running his own carpentry crew, Johnathan eventually obtained his builder’s licence. He then established his own business building custom designer homes, before venturing into catastrophic insurance repair.


Our Story

During the next 8 years, Johnathan managed major catastrophic events including the 2011-2012 QLD floods, Cyclone Yasi 2011, Riverina NSW floods 2012, and Cyclone Debbie 2017. He also worked in Major Loss insurance repairs, handling claims and operations management in Townsville, North QLD.

After years of travelling for work and being away from his family, Johnathan decided to work locally. He spent the next 5 years as a Construction Manager for a local building company, focusing on custom-built homes in Townsville, QLD. During this time, he gained valuable experience and knowledge working with local disability organizations to build homes that meet Liveable Housing guidelines.

Today, Johnathan operates a construction business that specializes in liveable housing, alterations, renovations, and insurance repairs in North QLD. He is also expanding his business in Northern NSW over the next few years.

Johnathan’s vision for the future is to build homes that meet the changing needs of families.

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